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Governor’s Weekly Message: STEM Council Aids Students in Competing for Global Jobs

Posted On: Thursday, April 5th, 2012

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DOVER – In his weekly message, Governor Jack Markell talks about the state’s STEM Council and the international competition for jobs.  One of the things companies look for when considering where to invest is a gifted workforce, which depends on our public schools.  The jobs of the future are in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, or STEM subjects.  The STEM Council dedicated thousands of hours to prepare a list of recommendations to better prepare our children for the future and have committed their time and resources  to ensure that students get to work upon graduation.

“I can’t imagine a more pressing challenge than the global war for talent and jobs that’s currently under way,” Governor Markell said.  “I had a chance to talk with the CEO of the Gallup Company recently, who said there are said there are 3 billion people in the world looking for work, and only 1.2 billion jobs available.  It is truly a global competition for jobs. It’s our obligation to Delaware’s future leaders that we  equip them with the tools, networks and opportunities that STEM  can offer them, so that the unlimited potential you can sense in this place and in these kids will truly lead our state, and nation, forward.”

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Transcript of the Governor’s Weekly Message: STEM Council Aides Students in Competing for Global Jobs

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