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Governor’s Weekly Message: Delaware Becoming First in School Safety

Posted On: Friday, September 14th, 2012

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DOVER – In his weekly message, the Governor talks about making Delaware the first state in the country to establish a formal statewide framework for comprehensive school safety plans, which will bring all 219 public schools operating in the state under one common safety protocol.  The multi-year effort to make schools safer was formalized this week when the Governor signed Senate Bill 233, the Omnibus School Safety Act.

“If our kids are going to learn to the best of their abilities, they need, first and foremost, to be safe,” said Governor Markell.  “It’s something I said in my State of the State address two years ago. And since then, we’ve been working to make reality school safety plans for each of our schools.”

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Governor’s Weekly Message Transcript: Delaware Becoming First in School Safety

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