• Governor's Weekly Message Transcript: Reducing Home Utility Expenses While Protecting the EnvironmentAs temperatures drop, some Delawareans worry about utility bills that spike this time every year and their ability to keep their families warm during the winter season. Many households spend a large portion of their monthly income to heat poorly insulated homes, while drafty doors and windows allow heat to escape. That’s where Delaware’s Weatherization Assistance Program steps in to insulate and weather-proof homes at no cost to reduce the financial burden for low-income households, especially families with children, seniors, and individuals with disabilities.2016-12-02 15:44:10
  • Governor's Weekly Message Transcript: Giving Thanks Through Giving BackThe first Thanksgiving, which took place nearly 400 years ago, launched a tradition of coming together to give thanks, break bread, and deepen connections between neighbors. I hope that on this Thanksgiving weekend you have the opportunity to do the same. While I have always appreciated this opportunity to gather with family and friends and focus on all we have to be thankful for, as Governor, I’ve also had the privilege to better recognize the Delawareans who quietly work every day to make our communities stronger, with little fanfare. They are public employees, including service providers, public safety workers, educators, and many more, and all the support staff who make the impact of their collective work possible. They are the men and women in uniform who are deployed abroad in service to our state and country, and who respond to emergencies at home.2016-11-25 11:00:51
  • Governor's Weekly Message Transcript: Celebrating Delaware’s Thriving Tourism EconomyI’m Linda Parkowski, Delaware Tourism Director. Tourism is big business for Delaware. It’s a fact I share with people all over the state every day. Since 2009 tourism employment in Delaware is up 25 percent. The industry is currently responsible for 52,000 jobs in Delaware. It now produces $3 billion a year in economic impact for the state. That saves each Delaware household nearly $1,400 in taxes annually. This makes attracting visitors and their dollars to the state essential.2016-11-18 15:15:53
  • Governor's Weekly Message Transcript: Ending Veteran Homelessness in DelawareIn 2015, we committed to ending and preventing homelessness among veterans in Delaware. I said something then that remains true today: Even one homeless veteran is one too many. That’s why this week I was thrilled to announce that – after more than a year’s work with our local, state and federal partners – we have effectively ended veteran homelessness in our state. We now have the systems in place to ensure that homelessness is prevented whenever possible; that it is rare, brief and does not reoccur.2016-11-11 21:36:03
  • Governor's Weekly Message Transcript: Improving Quality of Life with New Trails and PathwaysThis week we marked the beginning of construction on the final link of the New Castle Industrial Track Trail, a critical segment of the 3,000-mile East Coast Greenway. When complete, it will join with the Wilmington riverfront to provide a walking and bicycling connection between downtown Wilmington and Old New Castle. It will create commuting options for Delawareans who live and work downtown and expand recreational opportunities for area residents and visitors. 2016-11-04 16:12:58
  • Governor's Weekly Message Transcript: Honoring Teachers for Their Role in Shaping Our Children’s FutureGovernor Markell recognizes Delaware’s 2017 Teacher of the Year, Mount Pleasant Elementary’s Wendy Turner.2016-10-28 14:11:39
  • Governor's Weekly Message Transcript: Providing New Access to Information that Impacts the Lives of Delaware FamiliesGovernor Markell celebrates the launch of Delaware’s Open Data Portal, an interactive website that provides new access to public information that impacts the lives of Delawareans and their families.2016-10-21 14:35:33
  • Governor's Weekly Message Transcript: Expanding Successful Downtown Development ProgramVibrant downtowns are crucial drivers of economic growth and they are central to our efforts to strengthen the quality of life. More than ever, Delawareans want to live and work in our urban cores that are close to transportation networks and entertainment and recreation opportunities, and that’s why we are investing in our downtowns through the Downtown Development District program. 2016-10-14 16:22:08
  • Governor's Weekly Message Transcript: Sustaining Delaware’s Strong Economy through Employment GrowthDelaware’s economy today is strong, with the lowest unemployment rate in a decade and job growth that leads the region. But that doesn’t happen by accident. Businesses today can choose to locate just about anywhere, and the Markell Administration works tirelessly to attract and retain employers — from the largest corporations that hire thousands of Delawareans, to our small businesses who collectively employ more people than any other sector, to entrepreneurs and start-ups with the next great idea. 2016-10-07 13:09:31
  • Governor's Weekly Message Transcript: Advancing Employment Opportunities for Individuals of All AbilitiesLast week, Governor Markell and I joined young people with disabilities, their parents and advocates as we celebrated the success of Pathways to Employment. Pathways supports young people age 14 to 25 as they make their transition from school to the world of work. 2016-09-30 13:08:18
  • Governor's Weekly Message Transcript: Empowering Everybody to Prepare for Natural Disasters and Other EmergenciesSevere weather, natural disasters, and public health emergencies can threaten the safety of our people, homes, and communities. As Governor, I’ve observed how fortunate we are to have so many exceptional public servants hard at work keeping us safe during rain, wind, and snow events, as well as other emergencies. They’re law enforcement and other first responders, emergency management staff, transportation workers, public health workers, and other social service providers across Delaware, who are well-prepared to serve us during times of need. 2016-09-23 13:27:27
  • Governor's Weekly Message Transcript: Opening Pathways to Success by Expanding Opportunities for All to Earn a High School DiplomaIn our rapidly changing economy, there has never been a better time to enter the workforce with the right skills, but there’s never been a more challenging time to be without the key skills or the right education. Ensuring Delawareans have access to good jobs starts with giving them the best chance to earn a high school diploma. It provides entry into today’s job market and opens pathways to additional education and training, and it’s why we should be proud that, with the hard work of teachers focused on identifying and helping students who fall behind, Delaware has set new graduation records and recently recorded the fastest growing graduation rate in the country. 2016-09-16 12:45:39
  • Governor's Weekly Message Transcript: Saving Lives by Reducing Distracted DrivingModern technology is amazing and there’s almost no limit to what people can do with their phones these days, but when phone use is combined with driving, the results can be deadly. Far too many drivers use handheld electronic devices behind the wheel, and that creates distractions that not only threaten their own lives, but also those in other vehicles and the pedestrians and bicyclists who share our roadways. 2016-09-09 13:04:01
  • Governor's Weekly Message Transcript: Investing in Educational Programs and Instruction that Meet the Needs of Today’s World2016-09-02 12:01:12
  • Governor's Weekly Message Transcript: Improving Transportation Safety and Efficiency while Creating JobsDuring this year’s highway construction season, the Delaware Department of Transportation is making major strides to improve your ride. We are investing in projects that will enhance safety, reduce congestion and accommodate growing traffic on our roadways.2016-08-26 13:14:38



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