(Wilmington, DE): Attorney General Carl C. Danberg announced today that Delaware
has joined with 15 states and the District of Columbia in reaching an agreement with United Egg
Producers (“UEP”) to resolve allegations that the trade association misled consumers regarding
standards of care for egg-producing hens. The States investigated UEP’s “Animal Care Certified” logo
which appeared on egg cartons to certify compliance with UEP’s hen-care standards.
The Attorneys General concluded that the “Animal Care Certified” logo misled consumers as to
the quality of UEP’s standards of care, which allowed the forced molting of hens, confinement of birds
in crowded wire cages, and de-beaking of chicks. In November 2005, UEP discontinued its “Animal
Care Certified” logo and adopted its current “United Egg Producers Certified” logo.
“Consumers have a right to rely on the plain meaning of a trade association logo that certifies to
good corporate conduct,” said Attorney General Carl C. Danberg. “A certification program must not be
promoted in a way that misleads consumers.”
Under the agreement, UEP agreed not to resume use of the “Animal Care Certified” logo or to
misrepresent the level or type of care given to hens. UEP, which includes 80 percent of egg producers,
denied that its logo or advertisements misled or confused consumers.
As a result of the agreement, UEP will pay Delaware $5,000 which will be used to help protect
the public against consumer fraud and deceptive trade practices through investigation of such
practices, enforcement actions to insure compliance with the law, and consumer education.