Delaware’s consumers to benefit from legislation approved by House committee

Legislation that won approval Wednesday from a House committee will increase



protections for consumers, Attorney General Beau Biden said.

House Bill 247, sponsored by Representative Helene Keeley and Senator David McBride,

would give the Department’s Consumer Protection Unit more power to stand up for consumers.

Specifically, the Director of Consumer Protection would be authorized to hold hearings, issue rulings,

and impose fines on individuals or companies that defraud consumers. This enhanced enforcement

process is intended to speed up the time it takes to resolve consumer complaints. HB 247 was

approved this afternoon following a hearing by the House Judiciary Committee.

“Standing up for Delaware consumers is one of the main roles of the Attorney General’s

Office,” Biden said. “Just last week we conducted seminars across the state, as part of Consumer

Protection Week, to help educate Delawareans and help them protect themselves. This legislation helps

us crack down on those seeking to trick Delawareans out of their hard-earned money. I want to thank

Representative Keeley and Senator McBride for helping us to strengthen the protections we can


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