Governor’s Weekly Message Transcript A Life of Service: Remembering Sgt. Szczerba

What defines you, our state’s first responders?

Purpose and meaning.   Strength and service.  Choosing to run towards, not away, from danger ….because it’s your job.

Because it’s your calling…..knowing all along that some may not take the time to think of the daily sacrifice you make, of the daily risks you run, or the threats you may face.  It is your sacrifice that gives them that liberty.  It is your strength that offers that shield to protect families from what’s worst about society so that they can focus each day on adding to what is best.

This week, our state’s flags were lowered to honor the life of New Castle County Police officer Joseph Szczerba, who in 18 years on the force, was both a servant and student of the law. He was killed last week in the line of duty, protecting the people of this state he loved so much. At work, he was called Sergeant.  At home he was … husband, brother, uncle, friend.  As we did when Georgetown Patrolman Chad Spicer was lost two years ago, we mourn his death.

We grieve for his family, his friends, his fellow officers.  His death is a tragedy but his life an inspiration. When we think of him today, and when he is remembered for years to come, let us reflect on his strength, let us recall his courage and let us answer with the clarity and conviction he commanded each day.  The call to serve –  to work each day, to achieve in each of our own, limited lives, a measure of the difference he made is to keep this great state moving forward. Sergeant Szczerba – we will remember you.