Governor’s Weekly Message Transcript – Delaware’s Teacher of the Year: Amber Augustus

Most of us had at least one teacher growing up who changed our lives – who inspired us, who saw something in us, who took the time to say – “I see what you’re capable of and I am going to challenge you to do it.”

Those are the kinds of teachers we want for our kids – teachers who not only know their subjects but can stoke in their students that fire and desire to learn.

Each year, at this time, we get a reminder that Delaware’s schools are full of those kinds of great teachers.   Because each October,  Delaware honors its “Teacher of the Year.”

While there are countless teachers worthy of the honor, each year, each district puts up one nominee – a nominee that embodies a commitment to excellence, who has that magical mix of knowledge and inspiration that spurs their students to achieve.

And from that group, one teacher is chosen for the top honor.  I’ve had a chance to know a number of the past winners, and it seems like each one has those moving memories to share about teachers that most inspired them when they were young.  This year’s winner has no doubt already inspired the same stories in her own students.

It’s just one of many reasons why this year’s Teacher of the Year is Amber Augustus, who teaches math, science and social studies teacher at J-B-M Intermediate School in Smyrna.   Ms. Augustus left a corporate career where she traveled all over for one school, one classroom in Smyrna, teaching her own students the incredible places a solid education can take you.

We are so proud of her – so proud to call her one of Delaware’s best. And I know our teacher-of-the-year will treasure the award, and the memory of standing up and being honored in front of hundreds of her peers.  But I also know our Teacher of the Year – and all the nominees – will tell you that the greatest reward for any teacher is the chance to stand up in front of a class and change a life for the better. To give a group of kids each year the tools they need to build successful lives of their own.  We’re committed to helping our teachers make that happen, and honored by their commitment to keeping their students – and our great state – moving forward.