Governor’s Weekly Message Transcript: Saluting our Veterans and Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Delaware’s PTA

There are many ways to serve.

For hundreds of years, so many Americans have made the ultimate sacrifice.

They put their lives on the line to join our armed forces – defending our nation and earning along the way the noble title of Veteran.   That service is remembered with particular reverence and honor this Veterans Day.

And while vets were leading the fight to protect our freedom for future generations, another great group of Delawareans have been working to prepare generations of future leaders.

This weekend  also marks the Delaware Parent Teacher Association’s 100th Annual Convention.  We know that great teachers do so much to help kids succeed.  But parental involvement plays an enormous part in whether a child graduates ready and able to take on the world.   That critical connection between parents and teachers ensures that’s what taught in the classroom is reinforced at home, and helps ensure that kids arrive at their classroom, ready to learn and ready to lead.   PTA members like to say “children are 25-percent of our present, but 100-percent of our future.” Few organizations have worked as hard or have dedicated as many hours to making Delaware schools even stronger.

Our state’s veterans and our state’s PTA aren’t often mentioned in the same sentence, but their shared sense of service above self and of helping to strengthen this great state of neighbors helps define their members.

Our nation’s economic success in the past has come in part from our commitment to out-innovate and out-work the competition.   But America’s economic future will be won in no small part because of what’s happening  in our classrooms now, including the work parents and teachers are doing to prepare kids to compete and win in a global economy.

In the past, our nation’s great freedoms – the rights and liberties that have for generations made us a beacon of hope for the world came in large part because veterans were willing to sacrifice for them.

And both now, and in the future, the brave men and women in our military will awake each day ready to defend those freedoms anew.

This week, let’s take a moment to remember all these groups have done and all these volunteers will do to keep our great state and nation, moving forward.