Governor’s Weekly Message Transcript: Giving Thanks

Turkey, parades, heading out to see the family, the formal kickoff of the holiday shopping season –

This week means a lot of things to a lot of people.

By definition, it’s a time to give thanks.    But I want to use this message, this week, to say thanks.

To thank you, your friends and your neighbors.

For giving me and others the incredible honor of having the chance to serve you.

For giving us the chance to commit ourselves each day to the goal of making some of these tough times a little easier, to fight to bring more jobs and opportunity here, to work to make our state’s  schools even stronger.

Thank you, for everything you do, to make this such an incredible place to call home –

To make Delaware such a great place grow up, a great place to raise a family, a great place to work and, as more and more of the country is noticing, a great place to retire.

Thanksgiving remembers a time well before our nation’s independence, and the good that happens when people work together.

From the very moment we became The First State, Delawareans have pulled together and made clear along the way that we don’t settle, and we don’t stop.

We look forward, and we push forward and we fight, for our families, and friends and neighbors in this, our great state of neighbors.

Thanksgiving weekend is a brief chance to put down that fight, and pick-up a fork.

And as you do, please accept this thank you, from me, from our Lt. Governor Matt Denn, the members of our Cabinet and others, for the chance to work with you and for you, to keep Delaware, moving forward.