Markell: President’s Proper Focus on Jobs and the Economy

Wilmington, DE – President Obama offered several compelling proposals in a State of the Union address that properly focused on jobs and the economy, Governor Jack Markell said shortly after the speech.

“The President made clear that our nation’s most compelling need is to keep making progress on jobs and he offered a clear path forward,” Markell said.

Last week, Markell delivered a State of the State that focused on expanding economic opportunity, improving schools and governing responsibly at the state level. He made clear that a renewed federal commitment to the economy is critical to states.

“We can – and do – focus every day on getting people back to work, but the economic health of our states, our cities and our small towns depend a good deal on the direction of the national economy. The President made clear that while there’s been some real signs of progress, we can’t afford to stop fighting.”

Markell echoed the President’s hope that Washington could find a way to work together to make progress.

“There was a clear difference between the positive plans laid out by the President to help our nation’s middle class succeed and the anger, negativity, and attacks offered during his opponents’ debate the night before,” Markell said. “The stakes are too high to let divisions get in the way of progress.”