Governor’s Weekly Message: Fastest Growing Employers Say Strong Schools Critical To Job Creation

Dover – In his weekly message, Governor Markell talks about what states can do to help businesses succeed and the economy grow.

“What’s the critical ingredient to put more Americans to work? The most frequent answer both here in Delaware and in that national report was the same – a growing pool of top talent,” said Governor Markell.  “Get more kids graduating from even stronger public schools – kids eager to learn, prepared not only to take on higher-wage and higher tech jobs, but to excel at them.  Get kids earlier and more significant exposure to STEM subjects – science, technology, engineering and math  – because other countries are preparing their nation’s kids to compete for those same jobs. How we’re choosing to meet that need here in Delaware remains a bit different than what you might see in some other places. We believe the greatest difference we can make in a child’s education is to make sure they learn from great teachers – and we have so many of them in Delaware.”

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Transcript of the Governor’s Weekly Message: Fastest Growing Employers Say Strong Schools Critical To Job Creation