Governor’s Weekly Message Transcript: Making Delaware’s Case to Major Employers


This week, Delaware had two new chances to make its case in the national debate on how to get people working, make our schools even stronger and better prepare our nation for what is emerging as a global war for talent and jobs.

In part because of some of my experience in the private sector helping to build companies, but in larger part because of the progress Delaware is making on jobs, schools and competitiveness, I was asked to kick-off a national STEM Connector Town Hall last Wednesday. Sponsored by companies creating cutting-edge technology, the Town Hall brought together senior executives from some large employers to help figure out how we can best prepare our kids for the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math-heavy jobs that will give Delaware’s kids the strongest shot at economic independence.

And having that workforce ready to go – having adults or future leaders ready to jump in and succeed in new careers – is a critical part of attracting new jobs in the future.

Earlier on Wednesday, former G-E CEO Jack Welch and I were asked to be the closing speakers for the The Wall Street Journal’s annual conference , called Task Force for Women in the Economy. From academic leaders to the CEO’s of companies that collectively employ millions – including thousands of Delawareans – over 200 people came together to, as the Journal put it – create a “business-based, data-driven action plan to address an important economic issue: making better use of female talent to promote economic growth and competitiveness in the U.S. and worldwide.”

On a number of the topics – from supporting entrepreneurs, to improving STEM education – Delaware has a number of efforts underway.  And the chance to make our state’s case to people who keep millions working was an opportunity we could not turn down.

As they build out their ideas own for new and best practices, we’ll be looking for new ways to partner, new answers to create more economic opportunity, and new approaches we can adopt right here as we keep working together to keep Delaware, moving forward.