Governor Advises Residents To Make Plans for Arrival of Hurricane Sandy

Wilmington – With the strong possibility Hurricane Sandy will significantly affect Delaware, Governor Markell is urging residents and visitors to prepare for the storm.  A combination of rain, wind and tides indicate the Hurricane Sandy could impact the entire state.

“Evacuation is something I don’t take lightly, given the effect it can have on people’s lives and on people’s business.  A mandatory evacuation of the coastal areas is something that is likely if the storm stays on its current path.  We have not declared a state of emergency but will when it become necessary to declare one,” said Governor Markell.   “Many agencies are planning for our state’s readiness. In the meantime, I am encouraging residents to prepare for their families’ safety.  That means making plans to remain at home for long periods of time, possibly without power or evacuate quickly, if needed.   In other words, be prepared to stay and be prepared to leave.”

“I ask people around Delaware to spend Saturday making sure storm drains are clear and to try to get any leaves up that might get washed into storm drains.  The difference between some neighborhoods flooding or not is going to be whether or not storm drains are clogged by leaves on the ground or leaves that will come down during this storm,” said the Governor.

The Governor talked to reporters by phone late this afternoon from his Wilmington Office, advising residents to fill prescriptions, gather emergency items and get households in order.

Watch/hear the Governor’s comments.

The Governor said residents should have an evacuation destination in mind, especially if they live in a flood-prone or coastal area.   The State, Red Cross, local schools and the counties and City of Wilmington will be working together to identify possible shelter locations and activate them when it becomes necessary.

The Delaware Emergency Management Agency (DEMA) and relevant partners statewide are in communication with the National Weather Service and will continue to regularly monitor conditions.

Up-to-date information from State agencies is available online.

For information on making a household emergency plan and building a supply kit, visit, or . For regional weather updates, visit