Governor Voices Support for White House Plan to Protect Children and Communities by Reducing Gun Violence

DOVER – Governor Jack Markell today expressed strong support for the White House’s plan to curb gun violence and protect our children and our communities, noting the proposals announced today are similar to the ones proposed for Delaware on Monday by the Governor, Lt Governor Matt Denn, and Attorney General Beau Biden.

“The proposals announced today by President Obama and Vice President Biden represent a thoughtful, balanced and comprehensive response to the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut and the issue of gun violence.  The White House is focused not only on gun safety, but also on improving school safety and increasing access to mental health services.  That’s the approach we are taking in Delaware,” said Governor Markell.

The White House’s proposals include requiring background checks for the private sale of firearms and banning the sale of assault weapons and large-capacity magazines.

“The Lt. Governor, the Attorney General and I believe this is the right approach, which is why proposed similar measures here in Delaware on Monday,” said Governor Markell.

“I further applaud the President and Vice President’s efforts to strengthen the national background check system,” said Governor Markell.  “Thanks to legislation we proposed and the General Assembly passed in 2011, Delaware is now reporting information to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System on more than 18,000 people who are prohibited from possessing a gun for mental health reasons, putting us second in the nation in terms of number of names reported on a per capita basis.”

While strongly supporting the President’s proposals, Governor Markell noted the measures proposed by the White House may vary in some aspects from the Delaware proposals unveiled early this week.

“These issues are simply too important to wait for Congress to take action,” said the Governor.

View the remarks made by the President online.

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