Delaware Receives $2.48 Million Innovation Grant from Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation

(Dover, DE)   The National Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services at the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services announced today that over the next six months, the state of Delaware will receive up to $2.485 million to develop its State Health Care Innovation Plan.

Delaware’s proposal entitled, “Transforming Delaware’s Health: A Model for State Health Care System Innovation,” addresses the need for a broad vision and comprehensive approach to more cost effective delivery of quality health care for all Delawareans.  Delaware plans to build a strong local foundation for innovation in order to develop a system-level transformative healthcare plan that can serve as a model for the country.  Through the collaborative planning process, Delaware will design a model to accelerate the adoption of payment and service delivery models across public and private payers; enhance health data collection and analytic capacity to support care coordination and outcomes-based payment models and integrate workforce planning, behavioral health and public health initiatives.

“Delaware will use the grant to develop a model system focused on better health, better health care and lower costs,” said Governor Markell.  “This is about meeting the health care needs of existing and coming generations and accelerating critical reforms that can deliver better health outcomes, better health care, and serve as a model for the nation.”

Governor Markell wrote a letter in September 2012, submitting the grant application for review.

“The award of this State Innovation Model Award to Delaware presents a tremendous opportunity at a critical time in health care. This award enables Delaware to develop innovative new models to deliver and pay for high quality affordable health care,” said Bettina Tweardy Riveros, Chair of the Delaware Health Care Commission and Advisor to Governor.  “ We appreciate the commitment of our entire health care community to work together to develop a statewide innovation plan and models that will improve health, improve health care and lower costs for all Delawareans.”

Details of the grant announcement can be found here.