$16 Million IP Network Hub Project Kicks Off in Wilmington, DE

WAYNE, PA – MARCH 8, 2013 –Michael J. Emmi, Chairman and CEO of IPR International, LLC today announced the signing of agreements among the State of Delaware, IPR International, McConnell Johnson Real Estate, and fiber providers, Sunesys, LLC and Fibertech Networks for the Wilmington Carrier Hotel Project into 1201 N. Market Street, Wilmington.

As defined at datacenterknowledge.com, Carrier Hotels are “the huge connectivity hubs in major cities that bring together dozens (and sometimes hundreds) of networks and providers. They house large amounts of data center and telecom facilities.” IPR’s Carrier Hotel Project is dedicated to bringing a highly efficient, reliable and most importantly, competitive bandwidth interconnection point to the center of Wilmington’s business district. Wilmington (and thereby the entire State of Delaware) can then quickly join the other principal East Coast corridor cities with Carrier Hotel locations, such as NYC, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington DC. Delaware’s future growth in this IT-centric age lies in its ability to compete with other states’ IT infrastructure/bandwidth environments. IPR’s Carrier Hotel Project will provide the ability to receive and send data at speeds needed for businesses, from small entrepreneurial companies to large multi-national corporations, a necessity in today’s data intensive business environment. The ability to deliver network fiber through Wilmington into a locally situated, major Carrier Hotel will then enable companies to tap in to fiber paths and will provide the ability to spawn Metro Fiber links throughout Wilmington and the State of Delaware. Easy access to a premier Carrier Hotel offers a straightforward approach empowering IT professionals to meet both service and savings goals.

“Bringing this project to Wilmington creates innovative business opportunities that can spur economic growth,” Delaware Gov. Jack Markell said. “We know the importance of expanded IT infrastructure and telecommunication network capacity in an increasingly tech-savvy business environment.”

This Project will not only provide new IT options, with access to higher quality content and applications, but also underpins the premise that technology will drive business competition which promotes regional economics and drives the funding for the additional increases in regional job opportunities.

“With this award to IPR, Delaware’s New Jobs Infrastructure Fund has done what Governor Markell envisioned by opening our state and her businesses to the most advanced communication technology possible while at the same time creating employment opportunities for many,” said Alan Levin, Director of the Delaware Economic Development Office.

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