Grayling Industries is open for business in Seaford

Gov. Jack Markell attends ILC Dover’s celebration of new facility, which will bring 115 jobs

SEAFORD, Del. (Sept. 17, 2013) – ILC Dover helped the United States make history through its work with NASA and contributes to our military’s safety with its line of protection equipment.

On Tuesday, the company marked another milestone that will have a similarly profound impact on Delaware: The grand opening of a new plant that will bring 115 much-needed jobs to Seaford.

ILC Dover is in the process of staffing Grayling Industries, which has launched operations at a 90,000-square-foot facility. Employees there will manufacture internationally recognized safety products for contamination control on asbestos abatement projects and industrial packaging products for shipping and storage of bulk liquids and dry flowable products.

The production lines and the equipment to operate them are in the process of being moved from Juarez, Mexico, to Seaford.

“These new jobs, at this new plant, usher in a new day for the city of Seaford and all of Sussex County,” Gov. Jack Markell said. “ILC Dover must be applauded for bringing these jobs here from Mexico and not only doing right by Delaware, but also helping our country continue to pull business back home.”

Frederica-based ILC Dover, known for making spacesuits for NASA, the airbag system for the Mars Rover and Personal Protection Equipment for military, homeland security and industrial users, purchased Grayling in December 2012 to complement its flexible containment products for the pharmaceutical industry.

Two lines are currently in operation at the plant. The Dry Bottleneck Line produces dry powder liners. Cell # 1 manufactures dry powder liners and D-Con disposable shower enclosures, a low-cost, sturdy and disposable decontamination shower solution for abatement projects. While Grayling’s manufacturing operations are moving to Delaware, the subsidiary’s offices will remain in Alpharetta, Ga.

ILC Dover Chief Executive Officer William Wallach said the opening of Grayling Industries is a great example of how industry and government can work together in a way that allows for new jobs to be created.

“We are very excited today about the official opening of the new Grayling manufacturing facility in Seaford. Grayling Industries appreciates all of the assistance that has been provided by state and local officials to get this new manufacturing facility started,” Wallach said. “ILC Dover and Grayling Industries look forward to the continuing growth of our business, which will result in more opportunities for our employees and the local economy.”

Fifty employees are working the first production line from Juarez in a 60,000-square-foot production facility. An adjacent 30,000-square-foot finished goods warehouse is still under construction.

“This plant sets the bar very high for cleanliness and efficiency,” said Alan Levin, director of the Delaware Economic Development Office. “Positioning a high-quality operation like Grayling Industries at the southern end of our state provides more employment diversification to Sussex County.”

As part of the agreement to move Grayling’s manufacturing operations to Delaware, ILC Dover received a Strategic Fund Performance Grant in the amount of $364,500 for the creation of 115 new full-time positions in the state. The company was also approved for a Strategic Fund Capital Expenditures Grant in the amount of $187,860, or a 3 percent match on qualified capital expenditures up to and including $6,262,000.
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The company was initially formed as a branch of the International Latex Corporation in 1932. Since 1947, ILC has been active in the design and development of products for both government and industry. Most ILC products are comprised of softgoods materials, products that are flexible by nature and result in innovative solutions to customer problems. Whether protecting personnel in hostile environments, containing potent pharmaceuticals, or developing unique inflatable devices, ILC has an enviable record of performance. By drawing from a blend of highly qualified personnel and a sound base of both proven and innovative technologies (the same attributes that helped us put man on the moon and cushion rovers on Mars), ILC continues to develop reliable hardware and unique softgoods. Visit

About Grayling Industries
Grayling Industries, an ILC Dover company, is a manufacturer of specialized flexible film products. The company, which has manufacturing operations in Seaford and offices in Alpharetta, Ga., makes safety products for contamination control on asbestos abatement projects and industrial packaging products for shipping and storage of bulk liquids and dry flowable products. Visit