Governor’s Weekly Message Transcript: Building Our Future Workforce by Supporting Students Today

We’re committed to preparing all of Delaware’s students for success in college or career – but our efforts can’t end there.

By the end of the decade more than 60 percent of jobs will require education beyond high school. Yet, national research has found that many students don’t think college is possible. As a result, many don’t apply to college at all.

We have a responsibility to help them recognize and understand the opportunities that are available. Earlier this year, Delaware launched a unique statewide partnership with the College Board. Every high school senior who demonstrates the potential to succeed in college is receiving a packet of information about applying to college and financial aid. For those who qualify, we’ve included fee waivers to apply to a broad range of schools at no cost.

Following up on that effort, 20 schools are participating in College Application Month, which kicked off this week here at Newark High School. Volunteers are generously donating their time during the school day to help high school seniors with college applications and financial aid forms.

While college isn’t the right path for every student, we must ensure that those who would benefit from post-secondary education and training have access. Too often they don’t know about financial assistance or simply don’t have anyone telling them college is possible. They lose out on career opportunities and we as a society lose out on contributions they could make.

By improving college access for our students, we’ll give them the chance to make the most of their talents, we’ll build the future workforce to grow our economy, and we’ll keep Delaware moving forward.