Governor’s Weekly Message Transcript: Generating Cleaner Energy in the First State

Sustainable and affordable energy is critical to Delaware’s competitiveness. That means cleaner, more efficient, and more reliable energy that’s cost-effective and reduces harmful emissions. We need projects like DuPont’s new solar power site in Newport, where they’ve taken a hazardous waste site and turned it into symbol of how we are modernizing our energy sector. The project will cut DuPont’s greenhouse gas emissions while producing enough electricity to power 60 homes in the community. It’s only the latest solar project for DuPont, which has three more in Delaware. And it reflects a trend in our state, where the number of new solar installations has increased 25 fold in just five years. In recognition of this growth and because of our policies that maximize solar power’s economic benefits for homes and businesses, Delaware was recently recognized as one of the top solar states in the country. Our growth in solar energy is just one part of our larger shift to cleaner energy. We’ve shut down, or converted to cleaner and cheaper fuel at nine out of ten coal plants, helping to bring down energy costs. We’re building state of the art power plants and we’ve become a national leader in fuel cell and geothermal energy production, while making investments in energy efficiency. According to a recent report, Delaware is reducing greenhouse gas emissions faster than any other the state. But there’s more work to do. The vast majority of our pollution comes from out of state and we’re working with our neighboring states to ask the Environmental Protection Agency for help. By keeping our commitment to clean, affordable and locally-generated energy, we’ll keep Delaware moving forward.