Governor’s Weekly Message Transcript: Moving Forward in the New Year

I hope you and your loved ones had a wonderful holiday season. As we begin 2014, we have many reasons to feel rejuvenated and energized about what a new year has in store, most of all because we know the incredible talents and work ethic of Delawareans. We’re committed to giving our state the best chance to take advantage of those talents and reach our potential. And the year just passed has given us a lot to build on. We’re partnering with the College Board on an unprecedented project to increase access to education beyond high school. The initiative fights the trend of students, particularly from disadvantaged communities, who aren’t taking advantage of college opportunities they’ve earned. We’re also enthusiastic about the new chances for Delawareans to pursue cutting edge research and innovation at places like the University of Delaware’s just-opened ISE Lab. There, faculty, researchers and students are now working toward solutions to science and engineering challenges in state-of-the-art labs. And we’re excited about the prospects for our entrepreneurs to take advantage of partnerships formed by Start-It-Up Delaware, which is bringing together the people, ideas and capital necessary to help Delawareans turn great ideas into new companies. In the coming year we resolve to continue giving Delawareans as many opportunities as possible to aim high and I have no doubt that we will see many great achievements. I wish you and your families and safe, healthy and happy New Year. And I look forward to the privilege of continuing to work with you to keep Delaware moving forward.