Governor’s Weekly Message Transcript: Unleashing the Potential in Every Delawarean

We must commit to unleashing the potential of every Delawarean by ensuring equal opportunities to acquire good education and training, find good jobs, and live in safe and vibrant communities. That was my message to our legislature and people across Delaware when I laid out priorities for 2014 in my annual State of the State speech this week.

There’s no question our state is stronger than it was a year ago. Job growth has outpaced the national average, schools are better preparing our students, and businesses are dealing with clearer and fewer regulations. But we have so much more work to do.

If you have the right skills and live in the right communities, good-paying jobs are available. But for too many people, that’s not reality. And a society that squanders the potential of its people is a society that lets its future slip away.

The efforts I’m proposing start with better workforce training: a scholarship fund that will better prepare low-income students for college, as well as a program to help high school students acquire nationally recognized manufacturing certificates. And we’ll support cutting-edge research that leads to new inventions, spawns new companies, and creates jobs.

Other highlights include investments in infrastructure and clean water, which create jobs now and lay the foundation for future economic growth. And we’ve outlined plans to improve educational opportunities for our youth, reduce crime and incentivize development in Delaware’s downtowns. You can find more information on my website –

Next week, I will unveil a balanced budget that maintains our fiscal responsibility and our AAA credit rating, while making these types of investments.

Every Delawarean has something to contribute if given the chance. By creating the opportunities to give them that chance, we’ll keep Delaware moving forward.