Governor’s Weekly Message: Empowering Delawareans through Financial Literacy

(Wilmington, DE) – In his weekly message, Governor Markell explains the importance of helping Delawareans understand and take control of their finances and highlights the success of Stand By Me, a statewide financial empowerment partnership program.

“Of the more than 3,000 Delawareans who have worked with a coach since 2011, 82 percent reviewed their credit for the first time, 50 percent worked on household budgets and added savings, and 76 percent took action to improve their credit,” said Governor Markell. “If we stop thinking of financial literacy as courses and brochures and start thinking about it as an essential service for the success of our employees and constituents, we’ll keep Delaware moving forward.”

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The Governor’s Weekly Message Transcript: Empowering Delawareans through Financial Literacy