Governor’s Weekly Message Transcript: Promoting Delaware’s Great Outdoors

This past week, the nation celebrated Earth Day. Its arrival each year serves as a reminder that Delaware is a place of great natural beauty – from the clean beaches and coastal sanctuaries to rolling hills and picturesque parks. Those sites support a higher quality of life for our residents and attract people from across the country to visit us. And they help support our robust tourism economy, which represents the fourth largest private employer in our state and generates hundreds of millions of dollars each year.

To help everyone take advantage of our natural resources, we’ve launched a new way to enjoy Delaware’s great outdoors. It is a step-by-step guide that not only encourages appreciation of the environment, but also gets people out of their cars and into nature. Visitors can choose several types of activities – walking, hiking, running, biking, watersports and wildlife viewing – at dozens of state parks and other destinations.

At, they can track their progress and even win a prize. This project builds on a series of initiatives that encourage Delawareans and guests to experience our great outdoors, including the “See You Outside” online event database, and “Children in Nature/No Child Left Inside” program. Active and outdoor-oriented vacations are growing in popularity – and Delaware has a lot to offer.

We hope you’ll take a moment this summer to explore the Outdoor Trail yourselves, or tell an out-of-state friend of the many wonderful activities available in Delaware. With your help, we’ll create a deeper appreciation of our state’s natural wonders, while continuing to grow our economy. And that will keep Delaware moving forward.