Governor’s Weekly Message Transcript: Remembering Our Fallen Soldiers

One of my greatest honors as Governor has been to serve as Commander-in-Chief of the Delaware National Guard. I don’t say that because of the official duties that entails, but because of the remarkable men and women I have the opportunity to meet – individuals of the highest integrity who epitomize the bravery, dignity, and selflessness that we recognize this Memorial Day weekend.

These Delawareans exhibit the same qualities and dedication to duty to which we recently paid homage at a new memorial for our state’s Medal of Honor recipients. One of those individuals was Sergeant James P. Connor, a World War II Veteran from Wilmington with an unremarkable upbringing. In 1944, he was part of a mission in southern France to destroy enemy defenses. Injured three times, and eventually unable to stand, Sergeant Connor carried on, leading his platoon to accomplish their goals. This weekend, we reflect on the courage demonstrated by James P. Connor and so many like him throughout our history. It’s a courage we’re reminded of regularly by our troops today – like the 120 members of the 153rd Military Policy Company who returned home after completing their mission months ahead of schedule.

Memorial Day reminds us of the sacrifices they make – sometimes the ultimate sacrifice – in service to others. It is thanks to their triumphs – and their tragedies – that we enjoy the freedoms we have. We have an obligation to keep alive the memories of those we have lost and remember the gratitude we owe to the service members who follow in their footsteps – whose incredible passion for service keeps Delaware and our country moving forward.