Governor’s Weekly Transcript: Shoring Up Delaware’s Response to Natural Disasters

As extreme weather events become more frequent, our obligation to keep the public safe must include limiting damage to our homes, businesses, and infrastructure. With the support of our congressional delegation, we just announced seven million dollars in federal funding for projects to restore coastal areas impacted by Hurricane Sandy and to increase the resilience of the Delaware Bayshore, which has been degraded by severe flooding and erosion. It will build on work underway to repair and improve dikes along the Delaware River and to nourish our beaches. All of this will help reduce the risks to our people, while protecting valuable economic resources. And these projects have the added economic benefit of supporting Delaware jobs. But, we also need your help.

The beginning of a new hurricane season is a reminder that we need Delawareans to act now to prepare for the next disaster, whether it happens in six days, six weeks or six months. This past week, our Council of Faith-Based Partnerships organized a workshop for leaders of houses of worship across the state, so they could learn about ways to partner with the state in preventing and responding to disasters. Everyone should have a plan. We ask people and families to spend a few hours figuring out: Where would you go? What would you need? Please visit for more information on how your family can be better prepared. We can’t stop natural disasters, but by taking preventative steps now, we’ll mitigate the damage, and we’ll keep Delaware moving forward.