Governor’s Weekly Message Transcript: Expanding Broadband Access to Strengthen Our Economy

The internet has created countless possibilities that touch nearly every aspect of our lives. Rapidly developing broadband technology has led to incredible opportunities for businesses to expand, while improving the ability of teachers to serve students, doctors to serve patients and first responders to protect our public safety. To give everyone a fair shot to reach their potential, we must ensure everyone can learn about and take advantage of up-to-date online technology.

I’m proud of Delaware’s consistent ranking as one of the best broadband states, but we also face a challenge seen across the nation. Americans in rural areas are significantly less likely to have access. So we’ve made rural expansion of high-speed broadband a priority. We just announced the completion of a fiber line that runs through Sussex County to Georgetown. And we’re building on that by making a grant available to private companies to use the new line to deliver better technology to key sites in Sussex County. This will significantly increase internet speeds at schools, libraries, health care facilities and locations that provide vital government services. We’ll also create jobs in the construction phase and businesses, farms and homes throughout the area will see their connections improve. We announced the grant at La Red Health Center, where CEO Brian Olson highlighted the benefits that they’ve already realized through telemedicine. And he described how improved broadband service means better care for patients and families who no longer have to drive hours to see a certain specialist.

By expanding the benefits of broadband, we’ll create economic opportunity and improve the quality of life for our people, and we’ll keep Delaware moving forward.