Governor’s Weekly Message Transcript: Strengthening Our Economy Through Technology and Innovation

We’re well positioned to make our state stronger than ever. The Information Technology and Innovation Foundation has ranked Delaware second among all states in our ability to  succeed in the new economy – an economy marked by technological innovation and entrepreneurial development. The report credits our commitment to research and development that encourages innovation, and it recognizes that we’ve done well in key industries, like information technology. The question now is: how do we take advantage of our strong economic foundation? First, we build on our strengths, including the great ideas and entrepreneurial spirit of people like Fred Kielhorn. Fred is CEO of the DeNovix, a Wilmington company that designs and manufactures equipment for life science technologies. He says the state’s research and development tax credit was key to getting his company’s first product to market. So to better support Fred and others like him, we just doubled the credits available for small businesses. And we’ve focused on leading in one of the fastest growing technology industries by funding the Delaware Cyber Initiative, which is bringing together higher education with private companies to create more cybersecurity jobs. Our success in the new economy is only as good as our workforce. So we need education and job training efforts that focus on the skills most needed in the workplace. We’re increasing hands-on learning opportunities for students, particularly in science, technology, engineering and math. And as more people nationwide move to urban areas, we’re working with Delaware municipalities on our downtown development district program, which will offer grants to provide incentives to economic development in cities. By supporting entrepreneurial innovation, educating and training our workforce, and revitalizing downtowns, we’ll thrive in the new economy. And we’ll keep Delaware moving forward.