U.S. Forest Legacy Program adds 371 acres to Redden State Forest

Map shows location of four parcels added to Redden State Forest near Georgetown at a cost of $1.35 million.
Map shows location of four parcels added to Redden State Forest near Georgetown at a cost of $1.35 million.

GEORGETOWN, Del. – Helped by more than $800,000 from the U.S. Forest Service’s Forest Legacy Program, four former Glatfelter Pulp Wood, Inc. forested parcels totaling 371 acres are now part of Redden State Forest. The completion of the $1.35 million purchase this week marked the final phase of the Green Horizons Forest Legacy Program project in Delaware initiated in 2004 with the purchase of an easement on the 908-acre Ponders Tract near Ellendale. The newly-acquired forestland will be conserved for public use and managed for a variety of objectives including recreation, wildlife habitat, water quality, and timber production.

Over a ten-year period, Delaware received $14,925,000 in competitive federal Forest Legacy funding (from seven separate grants) and protected 3,336 acres of working forestlands in the Redden/Ellendale area. The total project cost $25,553,403 with matching funds coming from the State’s Open Space Council ($5,435,500), private foundations ($4,692,903), and Sussex County ($500,000).

Contact: Michael A. Valenti, State Forestry Administrator, Office: 302-698-4550, Michael.Valenti@delaware.gov


371 acres of new forestland at Redden State Forest is restricted from hunting for 2014-15 season. deer_leaf2


To ensure public safety, the Delaware Forest Service announces that 371 acres of newly-acquired forestland at Redden State Forest is restricted from any and all forms of permitted hunting for the duration of the current 2014-2015 season. In effect, these areas will function as SAFETY ZONES until the surveyed boundaries are mapped and updated for inclusion on the current tract maps for Redden State Forest. This policy is in accordance with existing State Forest Regulations under the Delaware Code.  (Title 3, 402, Section 8.6):


8.6 The DFS reserves the right to close specific State Forest tracts to hunting during specific hunting seasons. It shall be unlawful for any person to hunt on lands administered by the DFS, except as permitted by the Forestry Administrator in writing and specified on current State Forest area maps distributed by the DFS.


This announcement on the hunting restrictions –  made in response to public inquiries about the status of the new properties – is based on the determination that forestry personnel will not be able to properly mark and delineate the correct boundaries of the new forestland and install proper signage during the course of an active hunting season.


Redden State Forest is Delaware’s largest state forest at roughly 12,800 acres. Delaware’s state forests are multiple-use natural resources areas that offer a no-cost opportunity for the general public to enjoy various forms of recreation including hiking, wildlife observation, camping, and in-season hunting.  According to the Delaware Hunting and Trapping Guide (pg. 11), Redden State Forest is the number one ranked area for deer harvest in Delaware. 

  Contact: Redden State Forest – 302.856.2893.