$7 Million Now Available to Revitalize Downtowns

Dover, DE – Governor Jack Markell and Delaware State Housing Authority (DSHA) Director Anas Ben Addi announced today the launch of the Downtown Development Districts (DDD) Grant Program. The DDD Grant is now available for investments in recently designated areas of Wilmington, Dover and Seaford that need the rehabilitation, expansion or new construction of commercial, industrial, residential (including multi-family), and mixed-use buildings or facilities located within the boundaries of a District.

Governor Markell said, “Downtown Development Districts will spur private capital investment in commercial business districts, stimulate job growth, help build a stable community of long term residents by improving housing opportunities, and strengthen our neighborhoods.  The DDD Grant Program offers the opportunity to generate a surge of cultural, real estate, and business activity that could reinvigorate declining areas of our cities.”

DSHA Director Anas Ben Addi added, “After many rounds of outreach and gathering feedback, we are excited to launch this program.  In structuring the grant allocation process, we tried to be fair to all projects and Districts, regardless of the size or location. The $7 million funding will allow us to attract at least $35 million worth of private investments to the designated Districts.”

The DDD Act of 2014 was enacted by General Assembly to spur private investment in commercial business districts and other neighborhoods; improve the commercial vitality of our cities and towns; and, help build a stable community of long-term residents in our downtowns and other neighborhoods.  State and local incentives are available to businesses and district investors who invest within the Downtown Development District boundaries.

Examples of eligible activities include:  Exterior, interior, structural, mechanical or electrical improvements; excavations; grading and paving; installing driveways; landscaping or land improvements; and, demolition.

Developers, homeowners, or business owners interested in investing in the DDDs may apply directly to DSHA. Applications, forms and guidelines may be obtained from DSHA’s website. Projects seeking a Large Project reservation must apply by March 20, 2015. Small Project applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis.

(Please see the Downtown Development District Fact Sheet for additional information.)

To view the Downtown Development Districts Grant Program, visit the DSHA’s Downtown Development District web page.  Visit the Office of State Planning Coordination website to learn about additional available programs that may be used in combination with the DDD Grant.

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