Twenty-one State Employees and their Family Members Awarded Art Honors

Stephanie Berry, Migration, Best in Show
Best in Show: Migration, Stephanie Berry, Dover, Department: Capital School District, Art Teacher

Twenty-one talented state employees and their family members will be recognized for their works of art featured in the National Arts Program®: Delaware State Employee Exhibition and Contest IV. In addition, one People’s Choice Award winner will be selected through a Facebook contest. The Awards Show and Closing Reception will be held at Delaware State University’s Arts Center/Gallery on March 14, 2015, 1-3 p.m. Secretary of State Jeffrey W. Bullock and Division of the Arts Deputy Director Kristin Pleasanton will preside at the Awards Ceremony.

“This program provides state employees and their family members with an opportunity to show a side that we don’t normally see in the workplace. It clearly demonstrates the range of talented individuals who are working for the state of Delaware,” said Secretary Bullock. “We’re proud to be able to support and recognize the artistic accomplishments of these employees and their families.”

Twenty-one awards will be given out in five categories – Professional, Intermediate, Amateur, Teen (13-18 years old), and Youth (12 years and under), culminating in one Best in Show. Sixteen cash prizes totaling $2,400 will be awarded by the National Arts Program®. Five Honorable Mention ribbons will also be awarded. Below is a list of all award winners who will be recognized at the Awards Ceremony and Closing Reception.

Two hundred thirty-five employees of Delaware state agencies and their immediate family members submitted artwork for the 2015 exhibition and contest. The participating artists came from across the state and region. Judges for the contest were Rosemary Connelly, artist and educator; Jennifer Gunther, Director of DSU Arts Center/Gallery; and James Ulry, artist and educator.

The Delaware Division of the Arts is proud to be the local sponsor of The National Arts Program®, an organization established in 1982 to identify, showcase, and reward the visual artistic talent in America. The National Arts Program® currently sponsors 82 annual programs, encompassing more than 450 cities and counties within 38 states.

The exhibition will be on view in the Arts Center/Gallery at Delaware State University through March 14. The Gallery is open Monday – Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m., and Saturday, March 7, 12:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Vote for your favorites! To view a complete set of all 235 art works, visit the Division’s Facebook page or view the artwork on Flickr. The image with the most likes on Facebook will be named the “People’s Choice” and recognized at the Awards Show and Closing Reception.

View all juried winner images here.

Best in Show:
Stephanie Berry, Dover
Department: Capital School District, Art Teacher

1st Place:
Adam Ledford, Philadelphia, PA
Department: Special Education, Teacher (Immediate Family Member)

2nd Place:
Gregory Thompson, Wilmington
Department: Red Clay School District, Teacher

3rd Place:
Jennifer Boland, Harrington
Department: Education, Art Educator

Honorable Mention:
William Cox, Wyoming
Department: Health and Social Services (Immediate Family Member)

1st Place:
Mark Blome, West Grove, PA
Department: Labor, Office of Anti-Discrimination (Immediate Family Member)

2nd Place:
Suzanne Oliver, Wilmington
Department: Technology and Information, Project Management Team

3rd Place:
John Fitzgerald, Claymont
Department: New Castle County Vocational Technical School District

Honorable Mention:
William Montgomery, Wilmington
Department: Delaware Supreme Court, Court Administrator

1st Place:
Sandi Carney, Dover
Department: Health and Social Services

2nd Place:
Jennifer Jurczak, Dover
Department: Labor, Business Services Representative

3rd Place:
Elizabeth Lucas, Middletown
Department: Education, Speech Language Therapist

Honorable Mention:
Gary Piel, Oceanview
Department: Corrections, Correctional Officer

1st Place:
Leah Martin, age 17, Dover
Department: Education, Star Hill School Nurse (Immediate Family Member)

2nd Place:
Samantha Greim, age 17, Smyrna
Department: North Star Elementary Library (Immediate Family Member)

3rd Place:
Hayley Schuster, age 18, Dover
Department: Caesar Rodney School District (Immediate Family Member)

Honorable Mention:
Willow Quillen, age 18, Lewes
Department: Education, Automotive Instructor (Immediate Family Member)

1st Place:
Caroline Dooley, age 8, Wilmington
Department: Delaware Transit Corporation (Immediate Family Member)

2nd Place:
Skyler Ditizio, age11, Smyrna
Department: Labor Unemployment, Claims Interviewer (Immediate Family Member)

3rd Place:
Max Kichline, age 12, Georgetown
Department: Public Health, Trainer/Educator (Immediate Family Member)

Honorable Mention:
Alex Krumrine, age 6, Magnolia
Department: Natural Resources and Environmental Control (Immediate Family Member)