Governor’s Weekly Message Transcript: Strengthening Educational Opportunities for Delaware Students

All students deserve educational opportunities that prepare them to thrive in an increasingly competitive economy. For some, that means curriculum based on science and math, special preparation for careers in manufacturing or information technology, or dual language programs. And children from disadvantaged backgrounds often need extra support – like after-school mentoring and social services. Amazing schools and programs across the state are offering diverse and innovative opportunities to meet individual needs, whether it’s the science and math focus at Conrad Schools of Science, the college prep classes at Mount Pleasant, the programs to serve high-need students at EastSide Charter, or the robust career and technical training at career and tech-ed schools in each county. However, not all students have access to their programs of choice. Many schools are oversubscribed. These should be expanded or replicated. But we also don’t want new programs or schools if families aren’t asking for them. That’s why I’ve announced a review of all traditional, charter, and magnet schools in Delaware. We’ll identify unmet student needs and develop a plan for our future. This effort was inspired by a proposal from the Wilmington Education Advisory Committee – a group I formed last year that urged us to be smarter and more strategic about the growth of educational opportunities in the City, particularly charter schools. We agree – but we shouldn’t limit this effort to one city or county, or to charter schools alone. It can benefit our education system statewide. All schools are part of the solution and I thank the State Board of Education for their support. By ensuring all children have access to the right education programs, we’ll give them the best chance to graduate ready for college or a career. And we’ll keep Delaware moving forward.