Governor’s Weekly Message Transcript: Building a Strong Workforce to Meet the Demands of Growing Industries

In an increasingly competitive global economy, building a strong workforce requires ongoing access to the education and job training that we need so that every Delawarean has the chance to reach their full potential. That’s why the state has worked so hard to build partnerships between schools, colleges and businesses to ensure that more workers have access to the skills that they need to meet the demands of growing industries—and we have made good progress.

Earlier this week, we announced Delaware’s participation in the Generation USA youth employment project. Working with the McKinsey Social Initiative, this program brings together health care providers with not-for-profits and Delaware Tech to provide young adults with accelerated training as certified nursing assistants. Those who complete the 8-week program, pass a certification test and interview successfully are guaranteed jobs with Delaware employers. And this fall we’ll launch the Delaware Tech Hire initiative, which provides new opportunities for workers to gain certifications for Information Technology jobs.

Several of Delaware’s largest employers, like JP Morgan Chase, Barclays, Capital One, and Bank of America have joined the Tech Hire partnership to provide those who successfully complete the program and pass the certification test with a paid apprenticeship. These initiatives build on efforts like our Pathways to Prosperity initiative, which allows high school students to earn workplace experience and college credit in high-demand fields before they graduate, giving them a head start on getting a job and earning a degree.

By rethinking the state’s approach to workforce training and building partnerships between employers and our schools, we’ll provide more opportunities for our workers to gain the skills that they need. And that will keep Delaware moving forward.