Governor’s Weekly Message Transcript: Economic Growth Through Financial Empowerment

When people are financially secure, they can buy a home, pay for college, start a business, or save for retirement. So, educating Delawareans on what it takes to be financially stable is one way we can ensure our residents are on a path to success.  That’s why, earlier this week, I announced almost $220K in grant money from the state’s Financial Literacy Education Fund would be awarded to 17 nonprofit organizations across Delaware. The funds will help the organizations educate adults and children on the importance of saving, establishing and maintaining a budget, and investing for the future. Last year, fund recipients assisted more than 38,000 Delawareans gain the necessary tools to make sound financial decisions.  I also signed legislation this week that will ensure the sustainability and success of the Stand By Me program. That’s a free, innovative financial empowerment program that has helped more than 30,000 residents, over the past four years, in a wide variety of financial services; from helping people check their credit for the first time, or work on household budgets and add savings, to supporting individuals to take action to improve their credit. The new Office of Financial Empowerment will continue these efforts, helping more Delawareans achieve financial well-being.  Providing our communities with the tools people of all ages need to learn how to succeed financially will empower our residents, strengthen our economy, and will keep Delaware moving forward.