Delaware Secretary of State Announces Administrator for E-Notary Service

Delaware Secretary of State Jeffrey W. Bullock today announced a partnership with Veroha, Inc., taking the first step toward enabling electronic notarizations nationwide, using a single, secure platform. By creating a cloud-based authentication system endorsed by the State, this partnership will enable third party technology providers to promote widespread adoption of e-notary solutions to their clients anywhere in the US.

“Delaware’s electronic notary initiative builds on our reputation as the Corporate Capital of the United States and our continuous efforts to provide businesses with innovative, flexible and efficient corporate and legal services,” said Secretary Bullock. “Now, businesses can achieve digital signature authentication more efficiently, securely and reliably than the paper-based process that has been used for centuries.”

Under Delaware law, electronic notarizations may be performed anywhere in the nation by electronic notaries registered in the state, including employees of banks, mortgage lenders, insurance companies, federal agencies and law firms. Since the law was enacted, the State has worked with Delaware-based Veroha to develop a secure, cloud-based platform to enable electronic notarizations and assign a unique number to each notarial act. After years of development, testing and auditing by third parties, the e-notary system is now ready.

Veroha will partner with Notary Technology Service Providers (or “NTSPs”) such as digital document solutions companies, mortgage lenders and other high volume notary users interested in embedding Delaware e-notary services within their existing commercially-available e-signature and notarial systems. Businesses will be able to connect to Veroha’s electronic platform through a document management company using an industry standard application programming interface, or API.

“Veroha’s platform will save time and money by allowing banks, law firms, government agencies and other organizations to incorporate electronic notarizations seamlessly into their current workflow,” said Tom O’Connell, a member of Veroha’s senior leadership team and president of global technology services company and Veroha partner, AIS. “Our platform works with existing document solutions and without the need for additional software.”

Electronic notarizations offer businesses many advantages. Because hard copies are no longer required to authenticate a signature, companies no longer need the expense, inconvenience and risk associated with warehousing paper documents. Furthermore, unlike paper documents, digital documents cannot be altered after they are notarized electronically. This “non-repudiation” feature is a safeguard against fraud and has many applications beyond the traditional use of notarization for legal documents.

“More than a million legal entities and 55% of all publicly-traded companies in the United States have chosen Delaware as their legal home,” said Rick Geisenberger, Delaware’s Chief Deputy Secretary of State. “These companies conduct business around the world, and we are pleased to have the opportunity to work with best-in-class service providers to provide these businesses with a secure and innovative solution to signature authentication.”

For more information and for document management and e-signature companies, banks, mortgage lenders and others interested in becoming an NTSP, please visit As NTSPs are vetted by Veroha and approved by the State, contact information will be posted at for electronic notaries interested in registering with the State of Delaware.

For questions regarding Delaware notary rules and laws, please visit or e-mail the State at