State Auditor R. Thomas Wagner, Jr. Releases Bridgeville Senior Center Inspection report.

Dover – State Auditor R. Thomas Wagner, Jr. releases an inspection report on Bridgeville Senior Center (BSC). BSC relies heavily on the approximately $158,000 in Grant in Aid funding received annually, as it accounts for 70% of BSC’s total revenues.

BSC’s accounting records were unreliable with more than $350,000 in errors. The widespread errors were compounded by a lack of the most basic controls. The environment is such that no reliable financial information is available.

According to State Auditor Wagner, after determining that the books and records were unreliable, staff used the bank statements for the six checking accounts to proceed with the review. Unfortunately, there were a wide variety of issues that reflected ongoing fiscal mismanagement. The inspection report is filled with numerous irregularities in almost every area of operation.

Our Office is working with the Controller General’s Office to determine what changes may be needed to the Grant-in-Aid process for these types of organizations. We certainly do not want to overburden these entities with excessive administrative requirements, but it is obvious something must be done to encourage these organizations to improve operations and fiscal governance.

A copy of the complete report can be found at: Bridgeville Senior Center Inspection Report.

For more information, please contact Kathleen Davies, CPA-PA, CISA, CGFM, CGAP, CFE Chief Administrative Auditor, at 302-857-3919 or