National Preparedness Month to be Observed in September

(Smyrna) – The Delaware Emergency Management Agency (DEMA) reminds residents that National Preparedness Month runs throughout the month of September.  It is particularly appropriate for Delaware, as September has been the most active month tropical storms and hurricanes along the mid-Atlantic coast.  The national theme this year is “Don’t Wait. Communicate.  Make Your Emergency Plan Today”.

While residents are often encouraged to make sure an emergency kit for home, office or vehicle is stocked and up to date, emergency management officials are also stressing the importance of having a plan and knowing what to do in an emergency.  That plan includes having an updated contact list of the people someone might need to contact in an emergency and establishing alternate means of communication in the event that traditional means of communication are unavailable.

Emergencies do not always occur when all family members are at home and together in one location.  Established reunion points at which all family members will gather can be reassuring if members are apart when the emergency event occurs.  Plans should also take into account evacuation routes and potential destinations in the event of an evacuation.  Parents should be aware of school emergency plans in the event of evacuations or other incidents.  College students should also find out about emergency plans at their institution and make sure parents and other family members also know the plans.