National Voter Registration Day 2015

The Department of Elections is proud to support National Voter Registration Day, a nationwide event designed to raise awareness of voting and civic engagement, and to register eligible but unregistered citizens to vote for upcoming elections.

Delaware is a national leader in making voter registration easy, convenient, and accessible to eligible Delawareans.  “Our partnership with the Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV), in which voter registration is fully integrated into DMV transactions–known as eSignature or ‘eSig’–is a model for the nation,” said Elaine Manlove, State Election Commissioner. “In addition we now offer online voter registration, and a full-service voter information portal,  Voters can register to vote, update their voter registration, and much more, all at their convenience,” added Manlove.

In addition to these services, the Department is a founding member of the ERIC (Electronic Registration Information Center), a multi-state consortium founded by the Pew Charitable Trusts.  ERIC provides tools for Delaware’s Department of Elections to more easily communicate with election offices in other states to ensure voter registration records are more accurate, and to reach Delawareans who are eligible to vote but not registered.  More info on ERIC is available at:

More info on National Voter Registration Day 2015 is available:   The site includes a search by ZIP code of local events being offered.

More info on the Department of Election, including the iVote portal, is available at: