Governor’s Statement on JFC Approval of Bank Settlement Funds for Policing Efforts

Wilmington, DE – The Joint Finance Committee (JFC) of the Delaware State Legislature today approved a plan for the expenditure of settlement funds to address policing efforts in Delaware’s two largest cities. The Governor issued this statement following the vote:

“The JFC’s decision allows us to move quickly to stem gun violence in Wilmington and Dover,” said Governor Markell. “I’m pleased that Delaware State Police will combine their efforts with Wilmington and New Castle County Police to create a high visibility uniformed presence in the city.”

The plan, which details how to spend $2,094,515 in funds from the $31.6M Bank of America settlement, is broken down as follows:

City of Dover: $578,915 for expanded police patrols and installation of video equipment. 

City of Wilmington: $1,515,600 for increased patrols by Wilmington Police Department, New Castle County Police Department and Delaware State Police, including $75,000 to pay for a Delaware State Police analyst to work with Wilmington PD to analyze crime data and target specific areas and individuals for policing efforts.

In addition, the City of Wilmington will work with the Police Foundation, a consultant to the Wilmington Public Safety Strategies Commission, to undertake an immediate assessment of the Wilmington Police Department’s current implementation of recommendations made by the Wilmington Public Safety Strategies Commission.