Governor’s Weekly Message: Celebrating Past Progress and Envisioning a Bright Future for Delaware

Wilmington, DE – In his weekly message, Governor Markell celebrated the progress made over the past eight years and highlighted the vision for a bright future for the state.

“This week I was privileged to deliver my 8th state of the state address to my fellow Delawareans.  Thinking back to my first address I’m reminded that we faced a collapsing national economy and a growing deficit at a time of rapidly increasing demand for public services.  So we all got to work, improving our business climate and making difficult decisions to balance our budgets.  Today, the state of our state is stronger than it has been in years,” said Governor Markell. “By continuing to make investments in a skilled workforce, high-quality educational programs, and other key areas, we’ll give every Delawarean the tools and knowledge to build a bridge to the life they want and deserve.”

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Transcript of the Governor’s Weekly Message: Celebrating Past Progress and Envisioning a Bright Future for Delaware