Weekly Message: Creating Opportunity and Improving Quality of Life by Investing in Downtowns

Wilmington, DE – In his weekly message, Governor Markell highlights the success of Delaware’s Downtown Development District grant program in driving significant private investment in the state’s urban centers.

We create opportunity for all Delawareans and improve quality of life when we invest in our downtowns. Individuals and businesses are increasingly attracted to work and live near urban centers, which play a crucial role in the economic and cultural life of our state,” Gov. Markell said. “Through leadership at the state and local level and the commitment of our private-sector and non-profit partners, Delaware’s downtowns will continue to serve as catalysts of economic development that will strengthen neighborhoods, improve the quality of life, and continue our state’s recent record of having the best job growth in the region. And that will keep Delaware moving forward.

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Transcript of the Governor’s Weekly Message: Growing Our Economy by Improving Quality of Life and Supporting Tourism