Governor’s Weekly Message Transcript: Helping Delaware Entrepreneurs Compete In The Global Marketplace While Strengthening Our Local Economy

We live in a rapidly changing world with an economy that’s been forever altered by global competition and new technology, and these changes have meant new challenges but also tremendous opportunities if we ensure that our people have access to the opportunities. To support our businesses, especially our smaller ones, that means giving them the chance to enter new global markets.

Over the next 15 years billions of new middle class consumers will be added globally, creating trillions of dollars of new wealth outside of the United States and companies that are involved in global trade are twenty percent more efficient and do twenty-five percent more business than those who don’t.

It’s a challenge to get started for small businesses with limited resources. That’s why we launched our Global Delaware initiative to ensure we’re doing all that we can to give companies their fair share – or more – of business opportunities available around the world. They’re companies like Solar Unlimited, a new exporter of hot water heating systems from Lewes that’s projecting one million dollars in sales in Mexico thanks to the state’s export initiatives. Recently, we’ve taken about a dozen companies to Canada and Mexico to help them connect with new business opportunities, and Global Delaware has planned trade missions to South Korea and Germany in the coming months.

I encourage entrepreneurs to visit Global.Delaware.Gov to learn more, connect with others who have taken advantage of these trips, and to reach out to our team for assistance. We help companies prepare for trips and we help them follow through with new opportunities upon their return. By competing in a global economy, we ensure that Delaware’s companies have more opportunities to succeed while strengthening our local economy – and that will keep Delaware moving forward.