Governor’s Weekly Message Transcript: Investing in Educational Programs and Instruction that Meet the Needs of Today’s World

This week, students across our state are returning to the classroom and thanks to the hard work of teachers and administrators, our schools are setting them on a path toward rewarding careers and success in life through higher standards and innovative instruction that meet the skills needed in today’s high-tech economy. That starts with our youngest learners.

More support for training, equipment, and resources in high quality pre-school programs are preparing our youngest learners to excel in school. We’re in the fifth year of our world language immersion program where nearly 3,000 kids – including 10% of our Kindergarten students – are taking half of their classes in Chinese or Spanish to become proficient by fourth grade. That program is giving kids a head-start for career success in today’s interconnected world. High school students are taking more college-level classes and getting workplace experience through programs like Pathways to Prosperity, which this fall has grown to 6,000 students who will be a step ahead of their peers when competing for jobs in expanding industries like healthcare, manufacturing, computer science and engineering. For seniors, our schools are working harder than ever to give them the resources to chart their next steps, whether it’s a 2- or 4-year college education or going straight to the workforce.

These efforts have helped us hit record high graduation rates and achieve new milestones in the number of students who are applying for and enrolling in college. And we’re building on our support for teachers by providing leadership opportunities at their schools while ensuring they can also remain in the classroom. By investing in educational programs and instruction that meet the needs of today’s world, we’ll ensure that our students have bright futures, and we’ll keep Delaware moving forward.