Governor’s Weekly Message: Celebrating Delaware’s Thriving Tourism Economy

Wilmington, DE – In a guest weekly message, Delaware Tourism Director Linda Parkowski highlights Delaware’s appeal as a welcoming destination for visitors and shares the impact of Delaware’s significant, and growing, tourism sector on employment and economic growth.

“Tourism is big business for Delaware. It’s a fact I share with people all over the state every day,” Director Parkowski said. “Since 2009 tourism employment in Delaware is up 25 percent, the industry is currently responsible for 52,000 jobs in Delaware and it now produces $3 billion a year in economic impact for the state. Delaware has a great story to share – beautiful state parks, pristine beaches, fun major festivals and events. Together we can tell that story more loudly and more effectively than ever, and that will keep Delaware moving forward.”

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Transcript of the Governor’s Weekly Message: Celebrating Delaware’s Thriving Tourism Economy