Governor Carney’s Statement on President Trump’s Order to Review Offshore Drilling Restrictions

WILMINGTON, Del.Governor John Carney released the following statement after President Trump signed an executive order that would review offshore drilling restrictions put in place by the Obama Administration:

“President Trump’s order is disappointing, and would reverse important restrictions put in place by the Obama Administration,” said Governor Carney. “Delaware does not support any exploration or extraction of fossil fuels from the Atlantic Ocean. To risk our coastal economy and natural resources on offshore drilling for oil and gas would also imperil our state’s environmental and economic health. A new fossil fuel industry on the Atlantic Coast would trigger a cascading of secondary impacts and increased carbon emissions. It would require a vast network of pipelines, increased barge and tanker traffic, and associated industrial development in sensitive coastal areas, including construction of new refineries with supporting infrastructure and increased truck and rail shipments. Delaware’s coastal resources directly or indirectly support some 60,000 jobs and almost $7 billion in economic production from tourism to industry to commercial fishing. We should be investing in our beaches and our parks, and taking steps to protect our coastline from the impacts of climate change, not taking these kinds of unnecessary risks.”