Statement from Secretary Cohan and Contractor Tutor Perini on Route 1 SB Closure at Biddles Corner

I would like to apologize to all those impacted by this extended closure. The overnight construction activity on southbound State Route 1 to place a major structural concrete straddle bent section for the new US301 flyover bridge over SR1 SB encountered major delays that resulted in an extended closure of the roadway. While we work hard with our contractors to plan these events to cause the least amount of impact on motorists, there is always the potential for issues to arise during execution that can alter our best laid plans. DelDOT has worked closely with the contractor to get the road re-opened as quickly and safely as possible.

The roadway is reopened at this time. We will be meeting with the contractor, Tutor Perini, to discuss today’s events and avoid these types of delays for next Tuesday’s planned installation for the similar operation to install the structural concrete straddle bent for the new US 301 flyover over SR1 NB. Per the contractual language, DelDOT does have the right to seek damages from the contractor for the delay, as the advertised end time for the closure was not met and has caused significant delays for motorists today. I apologize again for this inconvenience, and we will work hard to do better.
– Jennifer Cohan, Secretary of Transportation


On behalf of Tutor Perini, please accept our apologies for the delayed erection of the concrete beam on the DELDOT 1B Project.

The planned erection procedure included a detour to the traveling public, which was to be concluded by 6:00am on September 14, 2017.

This did not occur, due to a multitude of issues, outside the control of DELDOT, but within that of Tutor Perini, where by the detour was removed, and traffic restored to the public, by 3:00pm on Thursday.

While the operation was completed safely, an inconvenience was caused to the general public, DELDOT, and others. Tutor Perini offers its sincere apologies for today’s events.

Damon Petrillo
Vice President of Operations
Tutor Perini