Delaware DMV Launches Voluntary Medical ID Indicator

The Division of Motor Vehicles will begin incorporating a medical indicator onto the Delaware driver licenses or identification cards as of Wednesday, August 8, 2018.  The medical symbol will be displayed on the front of the card and the back will identify the individual’s condition so that law enforcement officers and first responders can adjust treatment accordingly.

Delaware Secretary of Transportation (DelDOT) Jennifer Cohan was joined by State Representative Valerie Longhurst to announce the implementation of incorporating this essential medical information of Delaware residents onto their driver licenses and/or identification cards at an event at the Delaware City DMV.

State Representative Valerie Longhurst explained how the program was initiated: “A constituent came to me concerned about his son’s medical condition and how it could be misunderstood if an officer pulled him over while driving. It raised concerns about a larger issue that we wanted to address. A driver’s license has a lot of critical information that first responders need to know immediately, and knowing a driver’s medical condition someone will be invaluable in an emergency. This new voluntary program will give Delawareans the option to have their vital medical information easily accessible to first responders. I’m proud to have helped establish this new indicator on our driver’s licenses.”

Secretary Cohan added that, “A voluntary medical indicator makes a lot of sense for providing additional peace of mind for any of our customers who have a condition they would want a law enforcement officer or emergency responder to be aware of. This is another example of how the Delaware DMV is being responsive to our customers’ needs, and providing personalized service.”

Participating in this program is voluntary and there is no charge to have the indicator on the license or ID card. The customer would need to complete a form indicating their condition and sign it. The signed form gives the DMV permission to notate the condition on the back of the card along with the medical indicator on the front. The form can be obtained at any DMV location.

“The Delaware Trauma System operates under the saying, ‘Getting the right patient to the right facility in the right amount of time,’ said Division of Public Health Director Dr. Karyl T. Rattay. “Allowing Delawareans to voluntarily list a medical condition on their driver’s license or photo identification card is a valuable tool that will assist our first responders when providing care in the field during a medical emergency.”

Sergeant Richard Bratz, Public Information Officer for the Delaware State Police emphasized that, “The medical indicator on your Delaware Driver’s License or identification card is important to share with first responders especially those giving medical care or first-aid. It allows law enforcement to gain some insight on medical conditions like those drivers who may have a specific medical condition like; seizures, arthritis, insulin required, hearing impaired, visually impaired, PTSD or autism just to name a few.”

Statewide ADA Coordinator John McNeal added, “The voluntary Medical Indicator program can provide an invaluable safety net for people with disabilities and others to allow for prompt notification and awareness of medical conditions to all emergency responders. Voluntary information provided can help pave the way to accurately accessing an individual’s medical condition or disability which will assist first responders by providing an information sharing process that can potentially be lifesaving.”

Nick Fina, Chairman State Council for Persons with Disabilities, commented, “The availability of critical medical data to first responders can mean the difference between life and death in emergency situations. This is a great use of technology that will make a difference in the lives of Delawareans, especially individuals with chronic diseases and disabilities.”

For more information on the new medical indicator program please visit the DMV website at