Delinquent Taxpayer Lists Published

In an effort to reduce ongoing outstanding tax balances, Delaware Division of Revenue Director Jennifer R. Hudson has announced publication of the Top 100 Delinquent Individual and Business Taxpayers lists to the State’s Delinquent Taxpayers website. By statute, the Division is required to post the names of the individuals and businesses who owe the most unpaid taxes to the state.

The published lists include the top business and personal taxpayers, each of whom owes a tax balance of more than $1,000, who were not on the last list that was published, and against whom the Division has filed a judgment. Collectively, the taxpayers included on the lists owe more than $3.6 million to the State.

Taxpayers who have entered into payment agreements with the Division of Revenue, who have filed for bankruptcy protection or who have a pending appeal of a proposed liability are excluded from the published lists.

“The Division of Revenue is committed to collecting all amounts that are owed to the State, and using all tools that are available to us to do so.” Hudson says. “While a large percentage of taxpayers resolve their liabilities to avoid having their names posted online, many others will wait until their names are actually published to resolve their accounts.”

If you have questions regarding the delinquent taxpayer lists, please contact the Delaware Division of Revenue’s Account Management Department at (302) 577-8785.