DNREC Fish & Wildlife Natural Resources Police Blotter: March 4-10

Reminder for the week: Boaters urged to check gear before putting vessels in the water

DOVER – To achieve public compliance with laws and regulations through education and enforcement actions that help conserve Delaware’s fish and wildlife resources and ensure safe boating and public safety, DNREC’s Fish & Wildlife Natural Resources Police officers between March 4-10 made 1,082 contacts with hunters, anglers, boaters, and the general public, issuing 14 citations. Officers responded to 36 complaints regarding possible violations of laws and regulations or requests to assist the public. A Fish & Wildlife Natural Resources Police presence continued at the C&D Canal Conservation Area and Michael N. Castle Trail.

Fish & Wildlife Natural Resources Police in the Community

  • Fish & Wildlife Natural Resources Police officers, along with other Division of Fish & Wildlife staff, will be attending the Ducks Unlimited Greenwing Conservation Festival on April 13 at Fish & Wildlife’s Owens Station complex near Greenwood, where we will be featuring the following displays and activities: Operation Game Theft trailer, a marine patrol vessel, hunter education, live archery trailer, Take a Kid Fishing casting activities, annual statewide youth Sport Fishing Tournament, and waterfowl and trout stamp displays, as well as K9 and waterfowl banding demonstrations. For more information, click Greenwing Conservation Festival.

Fish & Wildlife Natural Resources Police Actions

Citations issued by category, with the number of charges in parentheses, included:

Wildlife Conservation: Failure to register antlerless deer within 24 hours (1) and remove antlerless deer parts prior to registering (1).

Public Safety: Possession of drug paraphernalia (3)*.

Boating Safety: Operate a vessel with insufficient life jackets (1).

Other: Trespassing after hours on a state wildlife area (7)* and operating a vehicle off an established roadway in wildlife area (1)*.

*Includes citation(s) issued at the C&D Canal Conservation Area.

DNREC’s Division of Fish & Wildlife recognizes and thanks the majority of anglers, hunters, and boaters who comply with and support Delaware’s fishing, hunting, and boating laws and regulations. Citizens are encouraged to report fish, wildlife, and boating violations to the Delaware Fish & Wildlife Natural Resources Police by calling 302-739-4580 or through the DENRP Tip app on a smartphone, which can be downloaded free of charge by searching “DENRP Tip” via the Google Play Store or the iTunes App Store. Wildlife violations may also be reported anonymously to Operation Game Theft by calling 800-292-3030, going online to http://de.gov/ogt, or using the DENRP Tip app. Verizon customers can connect to Operation Game Theft directly by dialing #OGT.

Are you AWARE?

Fish & Wildlife Natural Resources Police remind boaters that in addition to taking a boater safety course, making sure your vessel is water-ready increases your safety levels. Before putting your vessel in the water, you should perform a pre-departure check by ensuring that you have:

  • All current required licenses and registrations, including fishing license(s), boat registration, boating safety certificate, and, for vessels registered out-of-state launching at a Division of Fish & Wildlife tidal boat ramp, a boat ramp certificate;
  • Enough lifejackets for everyone on board, including for children age 12 or younger who are required by Delaware law to wear them when the vessel is underway and when not in an enclosed cabin, though lifejacket use is encouraged at all times when aboard a vessel; for vessels 16 feet or more in length, a throwable life preserver is also required;
  • Checked the local weather forecast;
  • Left a float plan with a responsible friend, family member, or local marina, including a description of your boat, when you plan to head out, who is going with you, where you plan to go, and when you plan to return;
  • Checked for working navigation lights, steering, and throttle controls;
  • Checked oil, fuel, and fluid levels;
  • Checked for fuel leaks, including hose clamps and connections;
  • Drained all water from the engine compartment or bilge, and replaced and secured the bilge plug;
  • A fully-charged engine battery and fire extinguishers;
  • Emergency flares and a fully charged cell phone or marine radio; and
  • Plenty of water to stay hydrated and sunscreen to protect against sunburn, which can be severe on the water.

For more information, including Delaware’s boating safety course schedule, access to the online Delaware Boating Handbook, and other boating information, please visit Delaware Boating Safety or contact Lt. John McDerby, Fish & Wildlife Natural Resources Police, at 302-365-8705 or email john.mcderby@delaware.gov.

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Contact: Lt. John McDerby, 302-354-1386, or Fish & Wildlife Natural Resources Police, 302-739-9913