June 4, 2019

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DTI Employees Honored for Valued Partnership Contributions

DOVER, Del. — As part of National Public Service Recognition Week, Governor John Carney, Cabinet members, and the business community celebrated by applauding the extraordinary work of Delaware’s public servants, including a number of employees from the Delaware Department of Technology and Information (DTI). DTI team members were recognized in various categories for their collaborative efforts. The iVOTE Security Remediation team received the 2018 Governor’s Team Excellence GEAR-P3 Innovation & Efficiency Award and the Transit Mobile App and Fare Modernization and Jury improvement teams were each honored with the Governor’s Team Excellence Commitment Award. DTI’s 2018 Delaware Award for Excellence and Commitment in State Service nominee, Caleb Bontrager, was also recognized.

“Delaware is committed to working on collaborative solutions to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of outcomes and deliver enhanced, quality services to our citizens,” commented DTI Chief Information Officer James Collins. “The Governor’s Team Excellence Awards highlight the value of those collective efforts and what it means to cultivate cross-agency partnerships that work together to improve the quality of life for all Delawareans. We are proud of the work and impact of DTI’s talented employees; they epitomize exemplary performance and dedication to public service and we honor them for their valuable contributions to our State.”

The iVote Security Remediation Team worked proactively to ensure the protection and integrity of Delaware’s electoral process and voter data, prevent system hacks from cyber criminals, and increase voter confidence. Team members included: Lisa Wragg, Dominic Carretto, Tim Darcy, Alicia Long, Francis Hala, John Trabaudo, Brad Anderson, Robert Bell, Caleb Bontrager, Eric Austin, Brian Frey, Ron Jackson, Johnathan Welch, Charlie Grimes, Terry Wright, Hitesh Nariani, Chris Ramos and Langston Waples.

The cross-functional Transit Mobile App and Fare Modernization Team carried out the implementation of a new mobile fare payment option for DART riders called DART Pass. This DART-branded mobile ticketing application allows customers to securely purchase a number of fare types using their credit card and smart phone. The project was highly successful in reducing boarding time for riders, improving on-time performance on fixed routes, and enhancing the customer experience. Team members included: Beverly Swiger, Lisa Whisman, Tara Tyre, Geri Smith, Nicholas Gachahi, Doreen Thorn, Paul Merrigan, Mary Wahl, and Kim Townsend.

The Jury Improvement Innovation Team was responsible for the deployment of an upgrade to the Court’s technology that allows jurors to complete their questionnaires online, provide documentation to the court in digital formats, and create cost-savings processes for the internal judicial staff. The members of this team included: Kenneth P. Creedon, Kristin Dangello, Lisa Parker, Mei-Ling Cosgrove, Karen Horsey, Karen Taylor, Melanie Ewing-Lahutsky, Brian Clairmont, Ryan Fontello, Ann Hsu, Saoud Khan, Shawn Facen-Simmons, Amy Whitman, Kenneth Kelemen, Achille Tcheou, Nikia Wongus, Paul Kanich, and Robert Jacobs.

DTI’s nominee for the Delaware Award for Excellence and Commitment in State Service, Caleb Bontrager, was also recognized during the event. Caleb’s work on migrating Delaware’s legacy firewalls to modern firewalls, redesigning Delaware’s web content filtering solution and creating next generation Virtual private Network (VPN) services to allow State Employees remote access earned him the agency’s 2018 Top Performer of the Year Award.

The Governor’s Team Excellence Awards are presented annually to teams of up to 20 state employees and encourages teamwork by recognizing groups of state employees for their efforts to use continuous quality improvement tools to excel in leadership, team dynamics and communication to produce superior customer service and tangible results. For more information, please visit the Delaware Department of Human Resources at DHR.Delaware.gov.


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