Annual Report on State Planning Issues Released

Delaware releases its Annual Report on State Planning Issues. This year, a visual and interactive Executive Overview was created.  This provides an easy reading experience.  A brief overview is provided for each section of the report.  The sections are: Economy, Communities, Health, Conservation, Schools, Transportation, and Data.  Additionally, links to story maps provide more detail about projects related to each section. There are links to the full document in the Executive Overview.

The annual report details activities about planning, land use, and development trends in Delaware. It also highlights projects from many state agencies. These projects help revitalize communities, foster economic development, and preserve our natural and cultural resources.

The Office of State Planning Coordination (OSPC) prepared the report for the Cabinet Committee on State Planning Issues (CCSPI). The CCSPI is an advisory body to Governor Carney regarding land use planning. Their role is to promote orderly growth and development, encourage efficient use of state resources, and align with the State’s planning goals.

Please note, the story maps are only compatible with the following internet browsers: Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.